Video Walls

Video Walls

Create a virtually seamless eye-catching video wall with these fantastic super narrow bezel screens. These displays can be used to create a video wall of any configuration, whatever your requirements these displays can be customised to support it. The panels can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation depending on the application. 

Video Wall Features

  • Super Narrow Bezel - With the seamless narrow bezel size you can create a visual experience to remember for anyone who sees the display.
  • Automatic Tiling -  The screens can be used independently or part of a tiled video wall. Due to a built in processor they can tile the video signal will automatically.  More complex designs can be acheived with video wall processors.
  • Non Glare Panel -Use non glare panels to ensure vivid, high visibility content even under strong direct light. With these panels the video walls can be installed in a range of environment with little to no reduction in image quality.
  • Commercial Grade - Video walls must be able to tolerate  long hours of operation, ambient dust and high temperatures. Therefore these have been designed to withstand all these factors making them perfectly designed.

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