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At the heart of a complex audio visual system is the control system. A large systems can be crammed full of confusing technology. Therefore a well designed control system with a user friendly face plate can simplify the operation for the user. An everyday user does not want to be worrying about how to set up the AV equipment while preparing for a large presentation, so simplification is key!
HTS can design custom face plates that enable coordination of the entire presentation environment. These plates can control all parts of the remotely-controlled or monitored hardware within the AV and associated systems. The face panels are available as standard in grey, white or custom to meet your needs. They can be fitted into any finish, such as mounted onto a wall or into a lectern. 

Each button can be programmed to perform multiple functions and is the ideal solution to replace multiple handsets. Not only does this provide a permanent location for the point of control but saves lost or misplaced handsets. They also features a tri-colour LED to allow feedback colour or state to be programmed or change on receipt of information back from the bi-directional serial ports.

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