Albany Terrace United Reformed Church

Albany Terrace United Reformed Church 

The United Reformed church is part of a large group of churches. With Ministers in high demand the URC Group are unable to populate each church with their own minster. The main issue with this high demand is that the church services are very often required in the same period. For the URC they needed a solution for their Minister to be able to attend both the Sunday services in different churches. 

With technology becoming more common in everyday life, HTS were asked to provide an AV solution for the URC. In order to solve this solution, the Minister at one church would be able to be broadcast to another site so that the congregation would benefit from the ministers service being held at another church on the same day. The minister would be broadcast over a service such as ‘Youtube’ that allows other churches to logon to this live stream. Not only can they hear the minister but also see the minster give his sermon.

The other main requirements were concerning the high ambient light in the room and whether this would affect the visual quality. The audio visual system would also have other multiple uses such as displaying words for hymns and to be used for fun raising such as movie nights.  

The HTS AV Solution:

The first phase of this installation has now been completed at the Church in Worcester. The projector, projection screen and link to the existing audio system have all been installed and are ready to be used. The system comprises of a bright Epson G series projector with a large electric projection screen, both devices can be controlled by a hand held remote control. To help keep the system easier to use, HTS installed a wall mount control panel that allows the projector and screen to be controlled. The buttons are programmed to operate the most common functions, on/off, screen up and down, volume control and the input source select. The buttons are labelled and can be illuminated for additional visual feedback. This enables the operator to set the system up with a single press of a button. The next phase of the installation is to install a camera system in the URC located 30 miles away in another town. This will allow the minister to be able to deliver his sermon to the local congregation. This also provides the option to broadcast either live or pre-recorded events to other URC sites that have Audio Visual Technology to view any broadcast.

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